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Couples Intensives

Couples intensive sessions offer a private setting and uninterrupted time to devote to your relationship. Marathon sessions can help move a couple thinking about ending their relationship to recommitting in new ways leading to a fulfilling lifetime of love.  


Designed for couples that are needing critical care or wanting to heal from a relationship injury, as well as other complex issues. Packages start at $750 and vary according to the number of hours/days and the needs of the clients. Couples completing a two day intensive experience the equivalent of six months of therapy. Some concerns addressed within couple intensive packages include:

  • Infidelity
  • Sex & Intimacy
  • Marital & Relationship Crisis
  • Conflict & Communication
  • Relationship Transitions
  • Enhancement & Strengthening of Relationship
  • Financial & In-law Issues


Designed for couples wanting to prepare for their marriage and participate in premarital counseling. This package comes with an online comprehensive assessment that the couple can do from the comfort of their home! After they complete it, they will come to our office to discuss their strength and growth areas of their relationship! Some concerns addressed within premarital packages include:

  • Extended Family Considerations
  • Finances
  • Sex & Intimacy
  • Family Planning
  • Roles & Expectations
  • Communication/Conflict Resolution
  • Covenant Marriage Requirements